AVS Claims Help | Tips

Pay Particular Attention to the Following Tips!

Motor Accident Claim Tips

  1. Stop immediately. Determine the extent of any injuries or damage and give assistance to the injured.
  2. Do not move your vehicle unless it is causing serious obstruction in which case, mark its position or unless you are sure there are no injuries.
  3. Call the Police : Tel 04 - 777777 and Ambulance immediately.
  4. Record the scene of the accident by sketches
  5. Do not admit liability either verbally or by paying an admission of guilt fine.
  6. Obtain name and address of other parties and particularly witnesses, name and address of the owner of the vehicle and its registration number as well as insurance details.
  7. Give your name and address and the name and address of the owner of the vehicle and its registration number to any person who has reasonable grounds for requiring this information.
  8. Produce your licence and report the accident to the Police within 24 hours if there are no injuries/death.
  9. Arrange for vehicle to be safeguarded pending removal to garage.
  10. Report accident to your employer where it is a company vehicle and to your insurer or broker as soon as possible.
  11. Complete claim form and forward together with copy of both sides of driver's licence and three quotations and a police report to your Insurer or Brokers.
  12. Only acknowledge receipt of letters from Third Parties then pass to your insurer or Insurance Brokers.

Non-Motor - Claim Tips

All policies of insurance contain conditions which must be complied with before claims can be admitted by Insurers therefore:

  1. IMMEDIATE notification of all incidents likely to give rise to claims should be given to your employer and your insurer or Insurance Brokers. Late notification of claims to Insurers invariably causes complications and can result in rejection.
  2. FULL information to be given, claim forms completed and sent to your employers as soon as possible for onward transmission to your insurer or Insurance Brokers.
  3. Notice to be given to Police where appropriate (e.g., theft, fraud or loss).
  4. Take precautions to prevent losses. Protect property from further damage (e.g. use of Guards) and preserve salvage until authorised to do otherwise.

Important Points to Remember:

  1. Report all losses, no matter how minor. The damage may seem so small that it's below your excess, but you can't be sure until it is examined. Also, a third party may report being injured later or pursue a claim against your policy for damage even if it did not appear that there were any injuries or damages at the scene of the accident.
  2. Provide all relevant details including names, addresses and phone numbers of all involved parties, such as drivers, injured persons, passengers and witnesses.
  3. Share all your phone numbers and email addresses, so we can reach you.
  4. Cooperate with the insurance Claim Service Specialist who contacts you in order to handle your claim effectively and efficiently.
  5. Report all accident related injuries right away so that we can best assist you.
  6. Let your insurer know your vehicle location. If your car or vehicle can't be driven, your insurer may ask for permission to tow it to a safe, well-guarded lot.
  7. Use your cellphone to take photos & positions of damaged vehicles
  8. Report accidents to the Police: Tel 04-777777
  9. Obtain full contact details of the other party & Witness.