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1. What is AVS Claims Help?

AVS Claims Help manages claims on behalf of its clients. We mainly focus on
  1. Claim Recoveries- at insurer level and direct recoveries
  2. Premium Debtors Recoveries, and
  3. Claims Advisory.
Please view our client list and testimonials for more information on who we work for and what else we do

2. How long does it take to process a claim?

This varies from organization to organization and the type of claim. However, once all the correct information is submitted by AVS Claims Help you will be updated regularly by either logging into our website or emails to ensure that you know the stage your claim has reached.

3. Do you charge a fee?

AVS Claims Help work on a no collection no-fee basis. Fees would be discussed and agreed with you upfront. Should you wish to challenge a settlement as you feel the settlement should be larger, AVS Claims Help, under certain circumstances will proceed with litigation on a no-win, no-fee basis but client would need to pay the statutory charges upfront.

4. Are there any hidden charges?

Unlike other companies we don’t have any hidden charges, with AVS Claims Help. Apart from you membership all other fees are disclosed and agreed up front, if any.

5. When will I receive my money?

Once we have submitted a correctly completed Claim Form on your behalf, we aim to make payment to you within six to eight weeks. If there are any problems relating to your claim or Claim Form, we will contact you. It is very important that you make sure your Claim Form is completed correctly and signed; and that the originals or certified copies of any requested documentation are attached; before you return it to us. Please make sure you also provide us with a day time contact telephone number so that we can contact you if there are any queries relating to your claim.

6. How do I start a claim?

You can complete the claims box on our website and we will be in touch to guide you through the information that is needed to process you claim. You can also call us on +263 4 293 4347 or +263 777 657 558 be sure to have your membership number available

7. How long will my claim take?

It all depends on the complexity of the Claim. The average claim takes between 2 to 3 months.

8. How safe is my personal information?

Your information is safe with us; we do not pass on or sell data to any 3rd parties and our procedures fully comply with the Data Protection Act of 1998. Your information will only be communicated to the companies involved in the particular claim.

9. Will I have any updates during my claim?

Yes, you will receive regular email updates at every important stage of your claim. You are also welcome to contact us at any time.

10. Will the organization I am claiming from company contact me direct?

Possibly, however you can refer them to us and we shall deal with their query appropriately.