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AVS Risk Services Private Limited is a limited liability company incorporated in terms of the laws of Zimbabwe and was established to be at the forefront of innovation and provision of excellent risk management and financial services solutions to commerce, industry and the individuals with differing solution needs.


Our vision is to become the preferred financial and risk solution provider and AVS Risk Services will transform itself to have an international presence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide superior and unparalleled Risk Management and Financial Services Solutions by innovating and adopting cutting edge technologies, methods and practices and ethical standards and to strive for excellent customer experiences.

Our Values

AVS Risk Services upholds ethical principles in conducting its business which form the basis of our corporate character. In particular the company adheres to the core values of:-

Corporate Governance

AVS Risk Services Private Limited is a company that is committed to good corporate governance practices. We strive to attain our business objectives in a manner which is responsible and consistent with our values of honesty, transparency and integrity. We regard corporate governance not simply as an exercise in conformity, but as a key factor in the foundation of sustainable growth of our business.

The Board of Director’s principal role is to provide the leadership necessary to promote the success of the company within the context of an effective framework of authority and accountability that promotes talent, innovation and best practice, while managing and mitigating risk. The Board will regularly review opportunities to grow the business.